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10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds

We are sharing  the most beautiful Pet friends beds. This ideas Do it Yourself project

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, the most important thing is to make sure your furry friend is happy. Taking care of a pet is easy but you have to take into consideration certain needs that your pet has. For example, I’m sure that your dog or cat would love to have a little bed of their own. It’s something that benefits both you and your pet. Here are a few ideas that you could use as inspiration for your next Do It Yourself project.

DIY Pets Bed with OLD Television10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #1:This is a more unusual project but the results are more interesting also. It’s a pet bed made out of an old console TV. What you have to do is remove everything but the frame and turn it into a little miniature house for your pet. It will definitely be an eye-catching piece

DIY Pallette Bed for Dog

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #2:You can also make a nice bed for your pet out of a wooden pallet. Pallets are great for many types of projects and this is just one of them. You need a pallet, some fabric, pillow fills, 4 wheels, letter stencils, some tape and paint. Once you build the bed, you can personalize it by writing your pet’s name on it

Pouf DIY Bed for Pets

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #3:A fleece bed would also be extremely cozy and comfortable. You will have to make the bed from scratch. You’ll need to cut out two circles and some extra pieces of fabric. Sew the long pieces together on the shirt side to make one piece, mark the halfway points on both circles and start sewing. Start with a circle and then add the second one. You should obtain a bed with a hole in the middle. Insert the stuffing and sew the opening.

Green Lovely Pet Bed

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #4 :A lovely idea of a bed for either a cat or a small dog would be to use an old table and to give it a makeover. Take the table and place it upside down. Then use some wood to build the headboard and if you want you can also make some feet what the soon-to-be bed. Add a small mattress or something soft for your pet to sit on and the miniature canopy bed is complete

Red Suitcase DIY Bed for pets

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #5:An old suitcase would also be a great bed for a dog or a cat if the suitcase is small. You first have to remove the top half of the suitcase. You can leave the handle if there is one. Add four feet to raise it off the ground, add a pillow and the bed is done.

Mini DIY Bed for lovely pets

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #6:If you don’t want to give up more floor space or if you simply want to save some space or to integrate your pet’s bed into the décor, you can try to incorporate it into your dresser or nightstand. Remove the bottom shelf or drawer to create an open space, add a mattress or pillow and make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.

mini pallet diy bed for cats

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #7:We now return to pallets and we present you yet another pet bed that you can build yourself. Use the pallet to cut pieces that you can then put together to make some sort of box. Take into consideration the size of your pet. Then make a pillow for the bed to serve as a mattress.

Pallette DIY Bed for pets


10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #8:If you want your pet to sleep in style, you can use a wooden pallet to make a beautiful platform bed. Making the bed frame is easy. The more difficult part is to create the mattress. You will most likely have to sew it yourself and fill it with something soft. You can adjust the dimensions of the bed to the size of your furry friend.

Coffe Table DIY Bed for Pets

10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #9:Some of you might be familiar with this design of coffee table. It’s also popular for side tables. So if you have one at home or if you can find one somewhere, it would be perfect for this project. all you have to do is remove a portion from the side of the table to create an opening. Then add a cozy pillow inside and let your pet know that it’s ok to sleep there


10 Beautiful Pet Friends Beds #10:This is a project specifically for cat owners. Everyone knows that cats like to climb and explore. They like to sit on your desk, on the table or on shelves and sometimes they even fall asleep there. So why not build some shelves just for them? Find a wall that you want to use for this project and attach several shelves on different heights. You won’t even have time to finish and your cat will fall in love with them



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