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Published on October 28th, 2012 | by Aspen FAYE


Classic and Rustic Bedroom Designs

The bedroom is no doubt the next in use and importance to the living room. It harbors your bed and most of your personal effects since this are where you sleep and get ready for work. The truth is that it is here that you do all the other activities in the house not carried out outside or in the bedroom. It has to reflect you and your privacy since it is not meant for visitors. Designing and enjoying it classic and rustic is a nice idea.


When you want to really instill a classic and rustic bedroom designs in your bedroom, you have to know that the idea of rustic means age. That is why the classic rustic idea simply combines aging furniture looks with great class to let all who see them know they are just designs and not a sort of neglect. Having a fireplace in your bedroom and designing it to look very much like that of the ancient Greek or Egyptians will answer this look. Some will also like to instill the rustic and classic nature through the beds. The beds that match rustic designs include the ancient simple wooden handcrafted small sized beds. These beds might also come with tenths to make it more rustic.


Designing a sort of crack on the roof of the living room with ancient looking colors or even leaving the roof unpainted will also give a good rustic look, but to make it classic, you have to make sure any other thing in the room is very modern and classically designed. Handmade furniture is always great in this aspect.  They can be made of oak, cedar, or even rustic pine. This furniture should be given some hand waxed lacquer finish making sure great craftsmanship is exhibited at every angle.


Classic and rustic bedroom designs will also be reflected in the color. They should be made very bold and metallic and used in the least expected areas. In all, you must make sure you maintain the ways of fashion of the old as experienced in old cabins, mud huts, tents, and ancient lodges. You can also use the royal sized beds found in country bungalows of old to design your living room so that the sun shines directly on your face in the morning through your massive French windows.


In everything, make sure your classic and rustic bedroom designs are made to appear household or self designed.

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