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Published on October 28th, 2012 | by Aspen FAYE


Challenges of Installing an Indoor Vertical Garden

There are several challenges that you would face when installing an indoor vertical garden. In fact you would do well to plan an indoor vertical garden is you do not have sufficient place outdoor to plant your favorite plants. Therefore space is the greatest challenge you can face in the installation of a vertical garden.

Before embarking upon the idea of laying a vertical garden you should first of all understand what a vertical garden is. The real challenge of building a vertical garden consists in taking soil up the wall. Remember that the soil indeed forms the footing for your favorite plants in the vertical garden. You should strive hard to make the plants of your choice to grow on the wall as if they grow on the ground! This is how you should create a vertical garden. Use of water is another challenge that you would encounter when installing an indoor vertical garden. In fact the best advantage of laying an indoor vertical garden is that it enables water to simply wash down the wall unlike ground planting wherein water gets stagnated or overused. Thus vertical gardening is characterized by some benefits as well.

Side of the building is one of the best places to choose your indoor vertical garden. This is mainly because of the fact that the side of the building offers natural sunlight to the plants. Another important challenge in the installation of a vertical garden indoor is that it can pave the way for water seepage. It is said that water seepage has the capability to spoil your lovely walls. Therefore it is important to think in terms of adding a water proof barrier as a precautionary measure.

You would be amazed to know that lots of tools are available in the market to facilitate the installation of an indoor vertical garden. If you are not sure about how to use them or how to put them to good use then you would do well to hire an expert in vertical garden installation and discuss with him the possibilities of installing a good-looking vertical garden indoor. All you have to do is browse across the Internet and get in touch with the most skilled vertical garden expert. Imagine that your wall produces fruits and vegetables of your choice! Make the best use of the otherwise boring wall with precision. Vertical gardening is indeed a great concept.

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