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Published on August 11th, 2012 | by Aspen FAYE


Modern Living Room Design Ideas

living room designThe living room is the authority of the house if I may say.  This is because it is that part of the house that you are very free to allow strangers inside. So whatever your living room portrays is what the image of your house is. The living room which was known as parlor in the 19th century has a lot of modern living room ideas that will interest you. One thing that will be paramount whenever you want to choose your modern living room design ideas is the issue of space.

You have to be aware of the fact that this is the room in the house where you entertain visitors and learn the act of living, with your TV and other media options. The color or paint must be one that endears all.

A modern living room design idea is specifically hinged on the space and openness of the room as it connects to all other rooms in the house. You also have to consider the comfort of your family and the intending guests.

When designing a living room in modern days, there are lots of new designs in vogue that will give you some breathtaking piece. You can consider a mixture of colors. Making both the mild, conservative and shiny colors into a very good blend is very good for you. Meanwhile it is always good sometimes to focus the huge design on one thing and then compliment with other things. The focus might be the furniture, ceiling, wall, electronics, tables, the flour or even the smart glasses since today’s living rooms are designed with some good touch of openness and sight. You can focus your design on flowers of many types, colors, and design. But make sure they are live and matching with the room paint. Dropping them at the four edges of the room, at the centre table, beside your electronics etc can give you a very good design. You can also get very close to nature by allowing a very large view of your garden through the large smart glass doors and windows.
The living room might be designed around a very big fireplace that might even direct to the entrance of other rooms. This fireplace will be great at the opposite wall of the seats so that relaxing on them; you can have very direct view of this beauty. You can also base your design ideas on accents. Mixing of colorful leather with some zebra or tiger print makes sense. Your modern living room design ideas can also give a very audacious statement of all the interesting reads you have conquered or even cherish. Organizing them gorgeously in some corners makes real sense. Again the use of large and hand crafted colorful stones to give your room strong beauty can be amazing. Insert them on the direct opposite wall. They can be great when placed around the fireplace.




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