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Published on July 17th, 2012 | by Aspen FAYE


Steps to Create a Vertical Garden

Pocket Planter

You need useful pocket planters to design your vertical garden attractively. First of all you should make a very good use of the pocket planter. In other words you should be well trained in putting pocket planters to good use. Try to place your pocket planter at a place that gets enough of sunlight. See to it that all your selected plants in the vertical garden get sufficient amount of sunlight. This is to ensure that the plants grow well.

Powerful Vertical Garden DesignIf you are planning to lay a small hanging garden then you should think in terms of spacing the grommets in the right manner. You would do well to mark the grommet holes too. Make it a point to space the grommets at least 22 inches apart. It is extremely important to drill the holes with precision. This is to ensure that the hanging garden is firm.

Then it is important that fasteners should be slid right into the holes. Make sure that the pocket planter is nicely and firmly screwed into the fasteners. This has to be done to make sure that the hanging garden is compact in appearance. You would do well to start planting your favorite plants to create a vertical garden. The real challenge in laying a vertical garden is the space to accommodate your favorite plants. Space management is the chief aspect of maintaining and managing a vertical garden.

Vertical Garden Design StyleIf you cannot get a pocket planter of your choice then you should be glad to use any sort of iron frame with a suitable size to place the plants. You would need wood in order to hold the iron frame from the wall. Since you use wood in the laying of vertical garden you should ensure that the wood lasts long and is not affected by termites in the long run. Therefore it is a good idea to use some sort of paint on the wood with an intention to protect it.

Check whether you have a few tools with you when you are laying a vertical garden. These tools include screw driver, saw, hammer and drill. Vertical space is the soul of designing a vertical garden. Therefore you need not worry if the space available in your home is less especially when you are deeply interested in laying a vertical garden. Vertical space should be used to perfection in order to create a lovely vertical garden.


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