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Unique Bathroom Designs

Unique Bathroom Design with Natural LightSome years ago, the bathroom was seen as place for the shortest of businesses in the house and therefore not given some class when it was designed. But modern day men have discovered the hygienic, social, and economic importance of having a very good and unique bathroom. You should also bear in mind that if you have to really make your bathroom unique, then you have to insert your personal values into it and make sure it is not what every other person does. The effects in your unique bathroom designs will lie hugely in one aspect of the bathroom to be complemented by others. You can choose the wall, the sink, flour, toiletries or the roof as your anchor point.

Natural Light Unique Bathroom Interior Design


Whatever unique bathroom design you decide to use, the paramount things you must consider before the decoration is the water source and
outflow, since the bathroom is regularly abused with a lot of water. From this, you will also consider the issue of space and lighting. Always make sure you have enough space for the business and also making sure it is not too spacious. The lighting both from electricity and the natural light is so essential due to the normally small size of the bathroom. Good colors that will also reflect the light and by so doing help to light the room is also necessary.

A bathroom designed with good graphic designs hanging on the wall with a sort of purple or brown sink with matching wall colors will be great.  You might even choose to instill some level of modernity by adding great

color and quickness. A woodblock print look with tiny tiles square in shape will be great if the tiles are also combined with some colors all over the bathroom with some waves designed beside the tub. You can give it a great touch of personality and charm with clean designs.


Unique Bathroom Design Purple ColourBeige tiles on the walls with small sized ones on the tub with a simple mirror on the walls will be very cheerful. More still when you complement all these with some wood sink. You might even want to break tradition and what it upholds by designing one wall and floor of your bathroom with a particular tile of one color and designing the next wall and the roof with a tile of different color or just paint without tiles.

A great unique bathroom design will include the use of large vase to give your bathroom a very clean look. This vase might even accommodate your towel in a very stylish manner and will be completed with a floor mat of same color. These vessels can either be black or white or one color with a bold line in another color. A stand pipe mixer under an umbrella stand besides a table lamp will offer great design.


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