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The Basic Principles of Interior Design

Interior Design for BedroomApplying the principles of the interior design is the key to a harmonious home full of love and happiness.

The interior design of the apartment, villa or office is a versatile process which main goal is to combine different creative and technical ideas and solutions in order to be achieved functional comfort and aesthetic appeal. Whether the design is developed from the “scratch” or the room already has some furnishing, the basic elements and rules of the successful interior design should always be taken into consideration. So, check below the best practices when it comes to choosing the furniture, wall coverings, floor, decorative accessories and ornaments.

The interior design decisions are directly influenced by many factors. Some of them are the size and shape of the room, certain advantages and disadvantages, the main purpose of the room  for work, leisure, study or entertainment. They also include some of the architectural constraints such as insufficient amount of natural lighting or the full lack of it.Interior Design for Garden

The basic principles of the interior design are:

The room should attract the attention immediately. Whatever you use as an accent – a fireplace, a unique accessory, beautiful wall art frame or decorated window, you should design the room in such manner that will help you to highlight the accent. This effect is achieved by the creative use of lines, shapes, textures and colors.

The visual appearance of the room should be balanced. The balance creates the effect of completeness. All elements and ornaments that you intend to place in the room must be balanced in size, shape and texture. The equal distribution of the elements throughout the room is the key factor if you want to achieve the ideal balance.

Proportion and scale
The good proportion and scale between the room and the elements in it is really important. You should have enough living space to work and relax, so if you decorate your room with really large furniture then the created atmosphere won’t be very pleasant and relaxing. You need to find the correct proportions if you want to achieve wonderful home interior.

Cool Interior Design BedroomRhythm
Rhythm is the frequency and rotation of the objects in the room and if you manage to find the right rhythm then you will achieve fantastic visual comfort. The repetition of geometric progression is essential if you want everything to be situated without irritating you eyes. It can be achieved by the harmonious distribution of the objects according to their shape or size.

Harmony and unity
The well chosen interior layout combines all elements and principles of the interior design. This is the relationship between the artistic impression and functional comfort, where all these elements are in harmonious unity. The best results are achieved by repetition of colors and the use of additional decorative accessories. Additional unique details and ornament will give the interior perfect individuality and originality.

These are the basic principles of interior design. Use them or hire a specialist if you want to make your home better place. Read a little bit more, see some examples and use your imagination if you want your home to be unique and relaxing place.

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