Bedroom Designs Combining Modern Bedroom Design with Traditional Furniture Styles

Published on June 21st, 2012 | by Aspen FAYE


4 Ideas for Combining Traditional and Modern Interior Designs

If you still wonder how to combine these two contrasting styles then the techniques and tips below will help you to achieve your goal and to make all your family members and guests satisfied from your decisions and ideas. If you have just moved in and your partner wants to place his modern couch in a traditional living room with all its elements, then it is going to be really hard for you to accept his demands. Well, the info below will help you to find the correct balance and the harmony for your home.

Unbalanced combination

The interior design focuses on creating balance and harmony, but in some cases it doesn’t mean that both style should be equally presented in the room. Otherwise, you will end up with a living room furnished in a weak and confusing way. So, just choose one of the styles to be leading and then include the second style with smaller furniture and decorative accessories.

Be careful with the accessories

The biggest mistake that can ruin the great design of a room is the clutter, so don’t go too far with different accessories and elements. If you want your awesome decorative “Tiffany” lamp to draw attention to the modern angular tulip type table, then you should not place on its surface many other accessories such as vases or picture frames. The rule to combine maximum three elements in a group is not always the best solution if you want to combine well the modern and traditional style.

Grouping too many accessories from contrasting styles can transform your room into something resembling a garage sale. Essential rule when combining traditional and modern designs is to separate the elements of each design and to find your own way to connect the elements in light and effective way.

Unexpected color and protruding upholstery

The easiest way to implement the traditional decoration in modern design is to updated it. But it is not enough just to clean the antique furniture to their original condition and look. However, a fresh paint and new upholstery will give the furniture a new contemporary appearance. You can make the old-fashioned accessories to look really great with unexpected colors and fabrics with bold patterns.

Even the modern furniture can easy look somehow traditional if you just decorate them with some cunning official element.

Two styles in one

Sometime it is better to let the professionals to decide how to combine the traditional and modern interior design styles. Some designers create traditional styles from modern materials, while others simply insert elements from different styles in the same furniture. These furniture and accessories can easily be integrated in all modern and traditional interiors, so hire a specialist if you can afford one and everything will be done according to your choice for sure.

Use these simple tips and ideas on combining traditional and modern interior designs and you will make your home a place loaded with a lot of new vital energy and at the same time giving the needed respect to the glorious past. It can be hard job but with the correct knowledge and many experiments you will achieve completeness for sure.

Combining Modern Bedroom Design with Traditional Furniture Styles

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